About Us

2nd tackle is registered under SSM as SECOND TACKLE ENTERPRISE ( 002949558-P ).

Who are we you ask?

We are would call ourselves fish-a-holic and we love to share our joy to everyone.

However, to share the joy we would suggest you to equip with the tools that suit you the best. Regardless you are a casual fisher or a serious angler, we do have something for you, something that suits you.

The best moment comes from the best experience and the best experience comes from the best equipment and the best equipments come from us.

Who are we again?

We are your faithful partner, we supply your favourite fishing equipment, new or second-hand and provide our most sincere review on the condition of the equipment we sell.

We believe you love the thrill during the bait is being taken and enjoy the competition of strength with your catch. We understand that very much because we love fishing as much as you do therefore we hope that you will support CATCH AND RELEASE, so the others are able to enjoy the thrill and the excitement of fishing too.

We hope that we are able to hear from you soon.

From Team 2ndTackle

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